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Postcodes4u - UK Address Finder for NopCommerce.


Install this plugin for UK address validation on nopCommerce registration page and checkout pages from 3x Software & Royal Mail.

Sign up for a trial account that includes 30 free credits at www.postcodes4u.co.uk.

Enter the username and the product key generated from the www.postcodes4u.co.uk site into the plugins configuration screen and have address validated data for your customers orders.

After the trial period (30 credits) has expired, it's easy to purchase more credits from a range of competitively priced bundles to ensure your dispatches are going to a UK address that has been PAF validated.

See this plugin in action on our demo site, just select United Kingdom from the country drop-down

The Download also contains an up to date list of UK Counties which can be imported into NopCommerce.


Please note that the Postcodes4u UK Address Finder requires that nopCommerce is running with SQL Server.
It is not compatible with nopCommerce stores using a SQL Compact database.

Attribute nameAttribute value
4 weeks priority email support to help you install and get working on your siteNo
Use of dedicated support forumYes
Includes source codeNo
1 year (from date of purchase) free upgrades/bug fixesYes
Nop Commerce 4.70Yes
NopCommerce 4.60Yes
NopCommerce 4.50Yes
NopCommerce 4.40Yes
NopCommerce 4.30Yes
NopCommerce 4.20Yes
NopCommerce 4.10Yes
NopCommerce 4.00Yes
nopCommerce 3.90Yes
nopCommerce 3.80Yes
nopCommerce 3.70Yes
nopCommerce 3.60Yes
nopCommerce 3.50Yes
nopCommerce 3.40Yes
nopCommerce 3.30Yes
nopCommerce 3.20Yes
nopCommerce 3.10Yes
nopCommerce 2.80Yes
NopCommerce Previous VersionsNo
SQL Compact CompatibleNo