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TrustPaymentsRedirect - Payment Module for NopCommerce


Provides an integration for nopCommerce with TrustPayments Payment Pages (formerly SecureTrading).

TrustPayments Payment pages is a hosted solution (redirect) that allows you to process payments without storing credit card details on your server. Customers are redirected to the TrustPayments where they make their payment, then are returned to your NopCommerce site where their order details are updated.

This module supports the site security (optional) which adds an extra layer of security by encrypting all traffic between your site and the server using a secret security password.

Full instructions of setting up your site are provided on the configuration page. Simply enter your information in the configuration boxes.

Please contact us to set up an account for you with TrustPayments to receive a discount for this plugin

See this plugin in use on the our checkout, our demo store



creates an email template for STOrderPlaced.CustomerNotification. This can be enabled though the message templates section in the admin panel to send an email to the customer once the order has been paid, instead of the current OrderPlaced.CustomerNotification, which send the email as soon as the order is placed, before it has been paid for


Added checkbox to skip Payment Information on checkout

Added checkbox to enable payment in customer selected currency raher than primary store currency

Added field for order prefix which is useful when using same payment method across multiple stores


Add automatic callback without having to create user rule at TrustPayments, this can be overridden

Added configurable gateway region

Added configurable settle status

Added tracing to log server communications for debugging purposes

Please contact us if you require this plugin for earlier versions of NopCommerce


Trust Payments Logo Update

Attribute nameAttribute value
4 weeks priority email support to help you install and get working on your siteYes
Includes source codeNo
1 year (from date of purchase) free upgrades/bug fixesYes
Use of dedicated support forumYes
Nop Commerce 4.70Yes
NopCommerce 4.60Yes
NopCommerce 4.50Yes
NopCommerce 4.40Yes
NopCommerce 4.30Yes
NopCommerce 4.20Yes
NopCommerce 4.10Yes
NopCommerce 4.00Yes
nopCommerce 3.90Yes
nopCommerce 3.80Yes
nopCommerce 3.70Yes
NopCommerce Previous VersionsNo