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Taxamo Assure


Provides an integration for nopCommerce with Taxamo Assure.

From 1 July 2021 the VAT rules changed, and the EU introduced a scheme called the “Import One Stop Shop” (IOSS).

Taxamo Assure by Vertex is an easy VAT e-commerce compliance solution which facilitates the sale of your goods. Easy sign up. Payment per parcel. Your parcels arrive, your customers are happy, and VAT payment is all taken care of.

What Assure does for you:

  • Seamless integration into your existing customer checkout journey
  • Controls the real-time VAT calculation, invoicing, and VAT number validation on your sales
  • Taxamo is liable for the VAT and files and remits VAT due, leaving you to focus on sales

The plugin automatically sends the shopping cart details to Taxamo during the checkout to get a Tax value. When the order is created, the transaction is 'Stored' at Taxamo, then when the order is paid, the transaction is 'Confirmed' at Taxamo.

The plugin allows you to specify a product type and a HS CN Number for each product and has a page for listing and searching orders that have been sent to Taxamo.

Refunds and partial refunds are also sent to taxamo, partial refunds allows you to specify a refund amount per line item.

A checkbox allows you to enable Tracing for debug purposes.

A checkbox can be enabled/disabled on the Checkout confirm page which allows customers to exclude Tax from their order, giving them the option to pay it themselves on delivery.

There is an option to send requests to taxamo for each individual product page, (however this won't work for virtual products)

There is also an option to enable/disable sending shipping to Taxamo.

This plugin is compatible with the Manual (Fixed or By Country/State/Zip) plugin. Both plugins should be installed and Taxamo marked as active. If Taxamo isn't used for the Taxamo calculation (order is over 150 Euros or not an included country), the plugin will fallback to using the manual Tax calculation


1.1: Bug fix

  • DDP drop down showing on confirm when pluin limited to user roles or stores
  • Taxamo order notes being displayed to customer



Attribute nameAttribute value
4 weeks priority email support to help you install and get working on your siteYes
1 year (from date of purchase) free upgrades/bug fixesYes
Includes source codeNo
Use of dedicated support forumYes
NopCommerce 4.50Yes
NopCommerce 4.40Yes
NopCommerce 4.30Yes
NopCommerce 4.20Yes
NopCommerce Previous VersionsNo