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Postcodes4u - UK Address Finder for Magento2

Install this plugin for UK address validation on the Magento 2 checkout pages and front end Customer Account address forms.

Install this plugin for UK address validation on the Magento 2 checkout pages and front end Customer  Account address forms.

See this plugin in action on our demo Magento 2 site, just select United Kingdom from the country drop-down on the Registration and Account Address forms and the Checkout.


Installation Instructions

Brief installation instructions are detailed below. 
.. A more detailed guide can be found HERE.

Installation Instructions

Create the folder structure /app/code/ThreeXSoftware/Postcodes4uAddressLookup 
in your Magento 2 installation

  eg (/var/www/html/magento2/app/code/ThreeXSoftware/Postcodes4uAddressLookup )

Download & copy the archive contents of the Postcodes4u Plugin to the new 

       /app/code/ThreeXSoftware/Postcodes4uAddressLookup folder

Run the following PHP Commands 

Please be aware that the following installation procedures will take your Magento store 'offline' until they finished.

php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile

The first stage allows Magento to recognize the module
The second stage sets up the Postcodes4u and installs the configuration defaults.

Configuring the Postcodes4u Plugin

Once this the installation is complete you will need to enable the Postcodes4u module via the admin interface.

The Postcodes4u settings can be found under the
Store->Configuration->3X Software->Postcodes4u settings.

From here you can add your Postcodes4u username and key which can be obtained from your account at the www.postcodes4u.co.uk website

Sign up for a trial account that includes 30 free credits at www.postcodes4u.co.uk.

After the trial period (30 credits) has expired, it's easy to purchase more credits from a range of competitively priced bundles to ensure your dispatches are going to a UK address that has been PAF validated.




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