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TrustPayments - Payment Module for NopCommerce


Provides an integration for nopCommerce with TrustPayments which uses TrustPayments javascript library to perform an ACCOUNTCHECK and THREEDQUERY, the uses the webservices API to perform the AUTH once the customer confirms the order.

Also, uses the webservices API to perform refunds and partial refunds

TrustPayments automates and completes the transaction (in a way that is configurable according to the needs of your business), allowing you to continue to fulfil your customers' orders seamlessly.

See this plugin on our demo site

 Note: Recurring payments (subscriptions) aren't currently supported

Release 1.1

Fixed bug on one page checkout when clicking back

Changed to pick up javascript from https://webservices.securetrading.net/js/v3/st.js

Release 1.2

Added configurable SettleStatus

Save masked card number, card type and auth transaction code in order table

Release 1.3

Added checkbox to admin to enable/disable 3D Secure check

Added checkbox to admin to enable tracing for debugging

Release 1.4

Remove jwt at end of payment so it doesn't show on invoices. Added instructions to configuration for removing it from views

Release 1.6

Fixed bug with sending through the threedresponse

Release 1.7

Trust Payments Logo Update


Attribute nameAttribute value
Use of dedicated support forumYes
4 weeks priority email support to help you install and get working on your siteYes
1 year (from date of purchase) free upgrades/bug fixesYes
Includes source codeNo
Nop Commerce 4.70Yes
NopCommerce 4.60Yes
NopCommerce 4.50Yes
NopCommerce 4.40Yes
NopCommerce 4.30Yes
NopCommerce 4.20Yes
NopCommerce 4.10Yes
NopCommerce Previous VersionsNo