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Payment Module - Barclaycard EPDQ


Provides an integration for nopCommerce with Barclaycard ePDQ Essential and ePDQ Extra subscriptions, which both use a Hosted Payment Page (redirect).

When a customer chooses products from your website and proceeds to the checkout, they are directed to the ePDQ secure payment environment, where they can pay by debit or credit card.

ePDQ automates and completes the transaction (in a way that is configurable according to the needs of your business), allowing you to continue to fulfil your customers' orders seamlessly.

This module supports the additional layer of security using a SHA1 hash to encrypt all data between your server and Barclaycard

See this plugin in use on our demo store.


New Release v1.2

Added ability to set the cancel url, decline url and exception url in admin panel, if these are blank, the default return page page will be used

Added a view for not paid transactions, which includes payments declined, cancelled, or exception. This is included in the views folder and can be editted and added to your own theme

New Release v1.3

Fixed a bug that caused currencies other than GBP to fail on the encyption. Plugin will now allow any currencies

New Release v1.4

Changed encoding of the SHASIGN to use UTF-8 encoding

Added more fields to the configuration to allow the configuration of the look and feel of the Barclaycard EDPQ payment page

Attribute nameAttribute value
4 weeks priority email support to help you install and get working on your siteYes
1 year (from date of purchase) free upgrades/bug fixesYes
Includes source codeNo
Use of dedicated support forumYes
NopCommerce 4.60Yes
NopCommerce 4.50Yes
NopCommerce 4.40Yes
NopCommerce 4.30Yes
NopCommerce 4.20Yes
NopCommerce 4.10Yes
NopCommerce 4.00Yes
nopCommerce 3.90Yes
nopCommerce 3.80Yes
nopCommerce 3.70Yes
nopCommerce 3.60Yes
nopCommerce 3.50Yes
nopCommerce 3.40Yes
nopCommerce 3.30Yes
nopCommerce 3.20Yes
nopCommerce 3.10Yes
NopCommerce Previous VersionsNo