Payment Module - Adyen Redirect


Provides an integration for nopCommerce with Adyen Pay by Link which uses an Adyen-hosted payment page (redirect).

When a customer chooses products from your website and proceeds to the checkout, they are directed to the Adyen secure payment environment, where they can pay with their preferred payment method.

Pay by Link lets you:

Use Pay by Link if you don't want to host your own payment form, or if you're still building your website. Pay by Link is also ideal if you accept orders through other channels, such as email, chat, or social media. For more use cases, see our Pay by Link: Your short-cut to contextual commerce blog.

How it works

When a shopper places an order, the plugin creates a payment link by providing payment information such as amount, currency, and country. Adyen takes these payment information to tailor the available payment methods for your shopper. Next, the shopper is automatically redirected to the payment link, they will then see the payment page with all the available payment methods. After the shopper selects a payment method and completes the payment, you receive the payment result through a notification webhook.

4 weeks priority email support to help you install and get working on your site Yes
1 year (from date of purchase) free upgrades/bug fixes Yes
Use of dedicated support forum Yes
NopCommerce 4.30 Yes
NopCommerce 4.20 Yes
NopCommerce 4.10 Yes
NopCommerce 4.00 Yes
nopCommerce 3.90 Yes
nopCommerce 3.80 Yes
nopCommerce 3.70 Yes
NopCommerce Previous Versions No
Includes source code No