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Problem integrating with nopCommerce

4 years ago
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I've recently purchased your payment module for Barclaycard EPDQ (nopCommerce v3.4) and I've been having some issues integrating it with my web shop. I have followed all instructions for configuring the plugin on the nopCommerce admin site but for some reason each time I get redirected to Barclaycard I always get an error. In my EPDQ control panel error log, the code listed is "unknown order/1/s/", which indicates that the SHASIGNs from my web shop and Barclaycard do not match. I've made sure that the SHA-IN passphrase is the same in both the web shop admin config page and the EPDQ control panel.

Anyone else having any issues with this? Is there anything else I need to configure for this extension to work or should this all be working fine as long as the correct information has been supplied on the configuration page?
4 years ago
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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for purchasing this plugin. It comes with full integration support. I'll send you an email, if you can then let me know your url etc via email, I'll help get it configured

Kind regards