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Prosa Payment Module

Use our plugin to integrate your nopCommerce store with Prosa Mexico.  

Compatible with nopCommerce Versions 4.20, 4.30, 4.40.  If you require this plugin for earlier versions please contact us.

Prosa is a hosted solution (redirect) that allows you to process payments without storing credit card details on your server. Customers are redirected to the Prosa server where they make their payment, then are returned to your NopCommerce site where their order details are updated.

View the configuration page for instructions of setting up your site. 

Recurring payments, void and refunds aren't supported.


Export Reports for NopCommerce
Adds the functionality to export all the reports to Excel on nopCommerce admin
New Taxamo Plugin

Are you worried about the new import Tax liabilities?

Let us help you to Free your business from complex VAT liabilities on import of low value goods to the EU
From 1 July 2021 the VAT rules changed, and the EU introduced a scheme called the “Import One Stop Shop” (IOSS).

Our Taxamo plugin connects to Assure by Vertex is an easy VAT e-commerce compliance solution which facilitates the sale of your goods. Easy sign up. Payment per parcel. Your parcels arrive, your customers are happy, and VAT payment is all taken care of.

Payment Module - Helcim

Use our plugin to integrate your nopCommerce store with Helcim.

Also, uses the webservices API to perform refunds and partial refunds

Helcim automates and completes the transaction allowing you to continue to fulfil your customers' orders seamlessly.

See this plugin on our demo site

Note: Recurring payments (subscriptions) aren't currently supported

Payment Module - Cybersource REST

Use our plugin to integrate your nopCommerce store with Cybersource.  Cybersource Flex Microform tokenises your payment details so payment details are never saved on your server. Then uses the REST API to process the payment once the customer confirms the order, thereby drastically reducing your security and PCI compliance scope.

Also, uses the REST API to perform capture, void, refunds and partial refunds

See this plugin on our demo site

Note: Recurring payments (subscriptions) and 3D Secure aren't currently supported

Note: This plugin uses RestSharp v106.5.4.0 and isn't compaitble with other plugins that use an older version (eg. SendinBlue)

Payment Module - Cardsave Redirect

Integrate your nopCommerce store with our Cardsave Redirect Plugin.

Once a customer proceeds to the checkout they are directed to the Cardsave secure payment environment, where they can pay by debit or credit card.

 Fulfil your customers' orders seamlessly,Cardsave automates and completes the transaction. Configurable according to the needs of your business.

This module supports the additional layer of security using a SHA1 hash signature

Payment Module - Adyen Redirect

Integrate nopCommerce with Adyen Pay by Link using an Adyen-hosted payment page (redirect).

Once a customer proceeds to the checkout, they are directed to the Adyen secure payment environment, where they can pay with their preferred payment method.

Pay by Link lets you:


Payment Module - WorldPay Redirect

Use Our  Worldpay Redirect plugin on your nopCommerce site to integrate with Worldpay.   

You can use only this plugin if you have a worldpay business gateway account.  

Once a customer proceeds to the checkout on your website they will be directed to the WorldPay secure payment environment to make payment by debit or credit card.

Fulfil your customers' orders seamlessly, supported by the additional layer of security using a MD5 hash signature


Barclaycard ePDQ update

We're pleased to announce that we've now upgraded the Barclaycard ePDQ plugin to v1.4

The latest update sets the encoding to use UTF-8 to generate the shasign field. This will provide support to sites that use multi-languages or languages outside the latin-1 character set

The main feature of this latest release is the addition of extra fields to the configuration which will give you extra control over the look and feel of your payment page, and support for either static or dynamic template use with Barclaycard ePDQ


Our new plugin store!

Welcome to our new plugin store where we've finally made all our nopCommerce extensions available, some commercially and some for free.

We've been developing on nopCommerce now for over 3 years since our first nopCommerce store on version 1.7 and it's come a long way. In the early days, we mainly coded bespoke customisations for clients as well as providing hosting, but since the platform has moved over to the MVC archetecture, developing customisations as re-usable plugins has become so much easier, as has plugin installation.

As a developer, personally, although I've had 10 years experience in eCommerce development, over 3 of which with nopCommerce, I'm new to MVC so learning the new nopCommerce archetecture has been a steep learning experience. I've created this blog to generally talk about the plugins we've developed and some of the problems we've encountered along the way and how we solved them, hopefully this may help any other plugin developers avoid the same pitfalls.

Let me know any comments or questions